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Hi, I'm Miller!

I started taking photos in 2005 after watching a friend create amazing images with his shiny new DSLR. It wasn't long before I was entering online contests for fun and saving my pennies to buy better equipment. My job at the time involved lots of international travel (6 continents and 30+ countries by age 30) and my camera got to tag along on each and every trip. The opportunity to go interesting places and take photos in my spare time, combined with an ever-improving photographic skillset, meant that I started winning some of those online contests. My casual hobby had turned into a passion, and the idea of turning photography into a full-time job was always in the back of my mind, though it always seemed like a far-fetched fantasy. Fast-forward several years and now, with MAT Photographic, I have the opportunity to do just that. If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, or ideas about my work or this website, please don't hesitate to reach out! Otherwise have a poke around the site and check back often as I will be posting new photos regularly.


-Miller Truby


Email: miller[at]matphotographic.com